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the importance of home during uncertain times

At Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region, our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Today more than ever, we are driven by that vision.

Recent words from Habitat for Humanity International President & CEO Jonathan Reckford regarding the impact COVID-19 pandemic on families who struggle every day rung true to us.

“With each passing day, we all find ourselves trying to adapt to the measures required to combat the spread of COVID-19. In countries and cultures all around the world, stay at home is the message of the moment. Shelter in place.

It’s the right thing to do, and if we are all able to flatten the curve, we know that we will have, together, saved countless lives.

But all of us at Habitat for Humanity also know that there are far too many families for whom this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. The uncertainty so many of us feel today, these families have felt for a lifetime — if not generations.

These are the families with whom we partner. They are going to need our hand up now more than ever. And now more than ever, our work — much like flattening the curve — will require all of us, together. You can help us help these families, these communities, our neighbors build back. Stronger, in solidarity and with your support.”

I want to help families like these

Thankfully, by adopting strict safety measures on site, Habitat Charlotte Region has been able to continue building affordable homes for families right here in our community.

In the upcoming weeks, Habitat Charlotte Region is grateful that we will be able to complete homes for families from Charlotte to Statesville. Here are some of their inspiring stories…

Family at Habitat in Charlotte, NC


If life kept throwing obstacles in your path, would you keep going? Consider Bria’s story, who now anxiously awaits the completion of her Habitat home in Statesville. From being denied for her first Habitat application to pushing through when laid off from her job right after being accepted into Habitat’s New Home Construction program, Bria simply never gave up.

She now works two jobs, including her primary role as an early childhood education teacher at I-Care HeadStart, while attending night classes at Mitchell Community College.

Bria and her five-year-old daughter Kimora look forward to the safety and stability of their new home. Kimora wants a backyard swingset, and mom Bria wants her own toolbag so she can take care of their house using skills she’s learned from her uncle and from Habitat.


After her mother’s death and a divorce after 20 years of marriage, Latawnya, mother of three, struggled with affordable housing. During this rough spot Latawnya experienced firsthand the challenge of affording Charlotte rent on a single wage earner’s salary.

At the advice of a family member, Latawnya investigated Habitat for Humanity’s New Home Construction Program. She applied, paid her fee, and has not looked back since.

Latawnya’s Habitat journey has built her confidence and shown her that she can do this on her own. “Habitat has brought to me, a new found me.”

In early March, as part of the recent Lowe’s International Women Build, Latawnya worked side-by-side with dozens of women volunteers from Lowe’s to work on her West Charlotte home. All were inspired by her gracious, confident spirit.

In search for House in Charlotte, NC


A single mom with three wonderful kids, Brittany’s journey toward homeownership is finally coming to an end. DeAsia, Karter, and Kyrie and their mom will soon be moving into their new home in Mooresville. Brittany’s desire to become a homeowner was fueled by her dream to celebrate birthdays, work in the yard, and decorate in a place that she and her family could call their own.

Brittany is a driven young woman. Her goals were to become a homeowner and to gain her certificates and certification in the medical field by the age of 30. She now holds certificates or is certified in CNA, MedTech, Medical Billing and Coding I and II, Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) and Phlebotomy. Plus, she is on track to own her home according to her deadline.

In her words, there always seemed to be circumstances, financial situations, fears and what if’s that tend to hold people back from pursing their goals. Through her own determination, and with the support of Habitat, Brittany has successfully overcome these hurdles.

Home applicants in Charlotte, NC

Nicolas & Guillermina

Imagine leaving everything you know and love behind in hopes of creating a better life for your family? Nicolas did just that. In 2005, with his wife Guillermina and 7-month old daughter, Nicolas and family left their home in Guerrero, Mexico to escape the poverty and violence that surrounded them. They moved to Charlotte in pursuit of a better life.

Now, fifteen years later, Nicolas and his family, which now includes a son, finally have a chance for that better life thanks to Habitat. They are excited to move into their new Charlotte home, where Nicolas can grill and Guillermina can grow a backyard vegetable garden. Their hopes and dreams for their family are now coming true.

Family in Habitat at Charlotte, NC


Jessica loves the fact that she will be able to say that she now has a mortgage, because having that mortgage means so much more to her than paying rent. Jessica applied to Habitat’s New Home Construction program twice and was denied but failed to give up on her dream. She was accepted into program on her third try.

Every day when she asks her young son Janari if he is ready to stay in his own room, his smile lights up and he says “yes Mommy!” In her own words Jessica “goes hard every day to give him more than I had as a child.”

Jessica can’t wait to plan her family’s first gathering in their new Mooresville home. She is also extremely grateful to the man upstairs and to Habitat for Humanity for helping her to fulfill her dreams and goals.

Family of Nhan Whun in Charlotte, NC

Nhan & H'Wun

After moving to Charlotte from Vietnam four years ago, Nhan, H’wun and their two children are excited to have a home of their own. They learned about Habitat through a family member, were intrigued by Habitat’s affordable mortgage, and decided to apply.

Working as a laborer, Nhan provides for his family. Both he and his wife H’wun learned a lot through Habitat’s Homeowner in Process education classes. They both look forward to applying their newly gained financial skills towards saving once they begin to pay an affordable mortgage.

The family plans to start a garden in their new back yard. In their spare time, Nhan, H’wun and the kids enjoy exercise and visiting local parks.

Houses in Development at Charlotte, NC

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