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September 6, 2019

Building Bridges, Building Homes

By Ryan Carter

On Thursday, August 22, Habitat Charlotte celebrated its second annual Bipartisan Build. In today’s rancorous political environment, Habitat Charlotte brought together candidates from across the community and political spectrum for a day of bipartisan support for affordable housing and the dream of homeownership. This year, 13 candidates from seven different races from across the city came out to Red Vest Way to install drywall at in a beautiful new home for a mother and her two sons.

Campaign season is a jam-packed calendar of candidate forums and questionnaires. As a leader in the affordable housing conversation, Habitat has a responsibility to play an active role in the campaign season to advance the cause of affordable housing. Our advocacy efforts never take a day off! It’s easy for candidates to promise the world during campaign season. Rarely do they have the actual opportunity to roll their sleeves up and put words into action. The Bipartisan Build invites such action.

Candidates from across the city joined us in support of affordable homeownership in our second annual Bipartisan Build.

Many people know Habitat builds homes and support us with words of encouragement. But to build with Habitat is to understand what we do in an intimate way and experience first-hand and observe the efforts on the frontlines of our community’s housing crisis. By having our current and future elected leaders together on a build site, we were able to share the story of what Habitat is all about.

This day was gladly shared with local press who had the opportunity to connect with candidates to help them share their messages on affordable housing. While Habitat does not endorse candidates, political parties, political interests, or political ideologies, we are happy to share our brand and platform with candidates for office and elected officials who have a desire to advance homeownership across our community.

Next time you see your favorite candidate for office, be sure to ask them about their building experience at the Bipartisan Build and invite them to join you the next time you join us on a build site!

Learn more about Habitat Charlotte’s advocacy efforts:


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