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March 20, 2023

Celebrating our 4,000th family served!

By Alexa Johnson

Habitat Charlotte Region recently celebrated our 4,000th family served! Over the past 40 years, we have had the privilege of working with families across the Charlotte region through our Money Matters financial literacy, New Home, and Critical Home Repair programs. We are so grateful to every partner, staff member, and volunteer who has had a hand in making this possible.

Our 4,000th family milestone was marked by a Welcome Home celebration held in honor of Chelice and her family last month. We gathered together in Statesville and celebrated a joyous new beginning for Chelice and her three sons as they were in the process of moving into their new home.

Meet Chelice

Chelice is Statesville native and was born on the very same street that her new Habitat home is on. She is a mother to three boys ages 9, 15, and 18. Prior to moving into her new 4 bedroom home, her family shared a 3 bedroom apartment. With three growing boys, the apartment often felt crowded and cramped.

Chelice had always dreamed of owning her own home. She heard about Habitat’s homebuyer program several years ago and applied twice, but unfortunately did not qualify because of her credit. To help improve her financial situation, Chelice decided to participate in Habitat Charlotte Region’s Money Matters Financial Literacy program before applying to the homebuyer program again. She enjoyed the course and learning new things about personal finances, particularly about how to maintain good credit. After going through Money Matters, Chelice reapplied to the homebuyer program and was accepted.

Throughout the homeownership process, Chelice found community among the other homeowners-in-process (HIPs) that were going through the program with her. She chipped away at her HIP hours by working in the ReStores, and sang Habitat’s praises to anyone who would listen. She even helped several people she knew apply for the homebuyer program, one of which will soon be her new neighbor!

Celebrating New Beginnings

Last month, staff and community members came together and celebrated the completion of Chelice’s Habitat journey among many of her family and friends. We gathered on the front porch of the family’s new home and Chelice tearfully explained what the accomplishment meant to her and her family.

Owning a home with an affordable mortgage will allow Chelice to build her savings. Once she gets settled in her new home, she hopes to return to college to complete her Bachelor’s degree. Her boys also now all have their own rooms and a large yard to enjoy. Chelice is excited about her new kitchen and can’t wait to cook for family and experiment with new recipes. She also can’t wait to decorate her new home and make it her own, and she looks forward to hosting family and friends.

Chelice was steadfast and determined in her homeownership journey, keeping the end goal in site. Now, as she holds the key to her new home and a brighter future for her family, she maintains her determination in helping others to achieve their dreams of homeownership just like she did.

Watch: Habitat Charlotte Region Celebrates its 4,000th family served

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