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May 4, 2021

Our Support of 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Habitat Charlotte Region signs on to support Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Neighbors for More Neighbors CLTHabitat Charlotte Region strongly supports the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan, and is proud to be part of Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT – a group of individuals and organizations who believe in a bold vision for more equitable and sustainable communities across Charlotte.

We feel that the expansion of neighborhood diversity, including a more inclusive point-of-view when it comes to development, will yield benefits for many low-to-moderate income families who to-date have been shut out of the homeownership market.

New, innovative plans that balance scarce land resources with alternative housing density – through the form of multiplex, townhome and accessory dwelling unit (ADU) construction – plus allowing for flexibility in creation of housing within existing neighborhoods, offers strong solutions that address Charlotte’s affordable housing challenges.

Habitat Charlotte Region is committed to the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, and invite you to show your support, too. Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT has created an excellent website where you can sign the letter of support and find upcoming events and committee meetings. You can also request a free yard sign below to show your support in your neighborhood!

Laura Belcher
President & CEO, Habitat Charlotte Region

request your yard sign

Complete the form below to complete the request for a Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT yard sign. We’ll be in touch with pick-up information when yard signs are ready.

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