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dream with us

Habitat Charlotte Region officially kicked off The Meadows at Plato Price project with a vision-casting held on Wednesday, September 8. The event, which was held on the property, featured speeches from Ali Summerville, of Ally Charitable Foundation, Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt and City Commissioner Victoria Watlington. Habitat Charlotte Region President & CEO Laura Belcher outlined Charlotte’s affordable housing challenges – especially in West Charlotte – and provided an overview of the new neighborhood. Dr. James Howell from Myers Park United Methodist Church delivered a hopeful and poignant blessing, and the evening was capped off by former Plato Price alumnus Dr. Eddie Hoover, who recognized the successes of many former Plato Price students, while urging the importance of supporting the children of The Meadows of Plato Price, and the key role education will play in their futures.

We urge you to support the vision of The Meadows of Plato Price with your own personal financial contribution.

Give to the Meadows at Plato Price

The Meadows at Plato Price

Habitat Charlotte Region is excited to announce our latest large-scale affordable housing project – The Meadows at Plato Price. Named after the Plato Price School, this historically significant West Charlotte area was once a thriving African-American neighborhood. Plato Price School closed in the 1960s when desegregation took hold, and the land lay vacant until the City of Charlotte donated it to Habitat in 2018.

Over 50 years later, Habitat Charlotte Region will break ground on The Meadows at Plato Price, a 39-home community built by Habitat staff and volunteers. This new neighborhood will offer affordable homeownership for hard-working families, and provide a safe, secure place they can call home.

an investment in community

Since our inception, Habitat Charlotte Region has advocated that affordable homeownership is the path to true financial stability. The Meadows at Plato Price is a commitment to helping an underserved population by improving homeownership rates in an area where averages fall far below the county (26% vs. 57%).

Developing an entire neighborhood gives us the chance to create a tight-knit community – from homeowners in process starting financial education classes together, completing Sweat Equity Hours on their own homes and the homes of neighbors, to building a neighborhood association.

quality of life for all

Because we believe that everyone deserves a decent place to live, Habitat Charlotte Region is committed to building a vibrant and livable community at The Meadows at Plato Price. Key features include:

  • Cul-de-sac streets to enhance safety and limit traffic
  • Sidewalks throughout the neighborhood, with common areas that feature green spaces and play areas
  • Within walking distance of the proposed Silver Line light rail to be constructed along Wilkinson Blvd.

Production Schedule

  • Civil design & permitting: Summer 2021
  • Infrastructure construction: September 2021 – February 2022
  • Home construction begins: March 2022
  • Project completion: late 2024
Thanks to our very generous $1 million+

Cornerstone Investors

Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region service area

House Size Policy

Household SizeBedrooms
Single adult or couple with no children2
Single adult or couple with 1 child3
Single adult or couple with 2 children3
Single adult or couple with 3 children 4
Single adult or couple with 4 children*4
Single adult or couple with 5 or more children5
Single adult or couple with 4 children where age (13 or over), age difference (4 yrs or more apart), or gender doesn't allow sharing5

House sizes for households with multiple adults or adults who are not married will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

* Children of the same gender who are under 13-years-old and fewer than 4 years apart in age could be required to share a room.