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August 4, 2020

HabiChat: affordable housing music for your ears!

By Kristen McCulloch

Huzzah…we just launched a podcast!

We are excited to announce that Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region has a brand-new podcast called HabiChat – a biweekly podcast hosted by yours truly, Alex, that covers a broad range of topics from who Habitat is, what kind of work we do on our construction and repair sites, and larger issues that affect affordable housing in our community.

Why a podcast, you may ask? During COVID we miss our ability to be face-to-face with our community, both with our volunteers and homeowners. We realized that a large way that we share our mission is through educating volunteers when they are working with us on our construction sites and in our ReStores. So, we decided to create a new way to share our mission and our goals with our community, thus HabiChat was born.

HabiChat is a chance to provide a deeper look into our organization and how we function. Affordable housing is such a complex issue, not only in the Charlotte region, but the entire nation. It deserves more than a passing glance. HabiChat is a place for Habitat Charlotte Region to spotlight our work as well as the challenges that we and our homeowners face.

To date, we have had Laura Belcher, CEO and President of Habitat Charlotte Region, join us to bust some of the most common myths that surround Habitat for Humanity. We have also been joined by three of our AmeriCorps alumni who talked about how their service term(s) impacted their lives, and why others should join the AmeriCorps program.

Coming soon HabiChat will feature:

  • A deeper look at becoming a Habitat homeowner-in-process (HIP) as well as what the process for HIPs is like once they join the program
  • An episode that looks at the impacts of homeownership on health and education outcomes of the families we serve

Hosting a podcast is a new experience for Habitat Charlotte Region, and we are so excited to be able to share our story with you in a deeper and more meaningful way than before. You can listen to HabiChat wherever you listen to your other podcasts – make sure to subscribe to be the podcast so you will be notified each time an episode goes live. You can also support us by commenting and rating our podcast wherever you listen. If you have any ideas for a podcast episode, please send me an email at

You’ll find HabiChat at these podcasting sites:




Google Podcasts

TuneIn + Alexa

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