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our community

Family Services Community Development takes a holistic approach to community reinvestment and community engagement.  Habitat Charlotte Region partners with neighborhood associations, residents, faith communities, local government, other area nonprofits, and more to develop and implement a shared vision that meets specific needs identified by the community, emphasizing the impact that Habitat Charlotte Region and its partner families can have on a community.

The ultimate mission of Family Services Community Development is the community-wide change that empowers residents to take ownership and pride in their neighborhood and enhances the quality of life for residents through programs, events, and other initiatives identified by the community.

quality of life framework

Community Development recognizes the holistic nature of neighborhood priorities to create change across multiple sectors. To create change that leads to an improved quality of life, Habitat for Humanity International created the Quality of Life Framework.

Based on learning from Habitat affiliates and other community development experts, the Quality of Life Framework was developed to serve as a customizable and comprehensive approach to understanding how the ultimate goal, improved quality of life, can be achieved in a neighborhood. The Quality of Life Framework is Habitat’s hypothesis on how systemic and sustainable change happens in a neighborhood.

Quality of Life Framework

Quality of Life – Full Guide

the right connection to resources

The “Habitat has the Right Connection” resource guide was developed by Habitat Charlotte Region’s Family Services Community Development team for use by individuals and families seeking free, low-cost, or unique human services in our area.

Because resources change frequently, we will work to keep this resource guide updated. If you are an organization or agency interested in including your information as a resource, please follow the button below to complete the organization/agency request form.

Submit a Resource Guide Addition

If there is a resource listed that is no longer available, please get in touch with us at

planting seeds

Through Family Services Community Development, we partner with neighborhoods, organizations, and agencies by offering the Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant. Up to a $3,000 grant can be used to support organizational/programmatic needs or neighborhood projects and/or needs.

We accept grants on a rolling basis. To apply, please download and complete the application at the button below.

Upon completing your Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant application, please submit it to

NR Grant Application

Neighborhood Revitalization Committee

The Neighborhood Revitalization Committee (NRC) was founded and created on the principles of the Quality of Life Framework. The NRC has several functions, which include, but are not limited to, reviewing and voting on NR Grants, attending neighborhood and community meetings, and attending regular NRC meetings. The committee’s primary goal is to provide feedback to Habitat Charlotte Region and help us remain transparent in all our work.

Our current NR Oversight Committee members include:

  • Boris Henderson, Aldersgate UMRC, Inc
  • Braxton Winston, Charlotte City Council, At-Large
  • Dr. Erin Banks, Helps Education Fund
  • Jamall Kinard, Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance
  • Larken Egleston, Republic National Distributing Company
  • LaTarzja Henry, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
  • LaToya Faustin, She Built This City
  • Peggy Hey, First American
  • Petreana Anderson, Consultant
  • Terri Hansley, Hansley Realty
  • Darryl White, Queens University
  • Sandeep Kalsi, Ally Bank

Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region service area

House Size Policy

Household SizeBedrooms
Single adult or couple with no children2
Single adult or couple with 1 child3
Single adult or couple with 2 children3
Single adult or couple with 3 children 4
Single adult or couple with 4 children*4
Single adult or couple with 5 or more children5
Single adult or couple with 4 children where age (13 or over), age difference (4 yrs or more apart), or gender doesn't allow sharing5

House sizes for households with multiple adults or adults who are not married will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

* Children of the same gender who are under 13-years-old and fewer than 4 years apart in age could be required to share a room.