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maintaining affordable housing in our cities

At Habitat Charlotte Region, we know how challenging it can be to find an affordable home in or near the Queen City. To help, our Open Market Homes program is designed to offer reasonably priced homes to families and individuals who qualify for their own mortgage and fit certain income qualifications (Applicants must have a minimum annual income of $37,500 and a maximum of 80% on HUD’s Area Median Income guidelines.).

We acquire existing properties in the greater Charlotte region, in many cases, by buying back Habitat-built homes from their original owners. Our construction team goes through the home, provides any needed updates and cosmetic repairs, and then makes these properties available through our Open Market Homes program.

interested in Open Market Homes?

Take a look at our current available listings.

Available Homes

Preparing to Sell Your Home?

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If you purchased your home from Habitat Charlotte Region:

Habitat likely has a formal legal opportunity to consider purchasing your home – and if Habitat can purchase your home, you could save thousands of dollars by not having to list your home for sale!


If you are selling a home you did not purchase from Habitat Charlotte Region:

Consider contacting us today! Habitat may be able to purchase your home and ensure its long-term use for Next Generation homeownership opportunities in the Charlotte Region.

Questions about selling your home? Please contact Sara Davison at