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June 7, 2022

honoring local veterans through home & hope

By Alexa Johnson

Each Memorial Day, we remember and honor those who have served our country while also working to improve the lives of veterans in our community. Habitat Charlotte Region believes that every veteran deserves a decent place to live, but far too many veterans and military families in our community endure inadequate housing conditions. According to the Housing Assistance Council, the state of North Carolina has just under 660,000 veterans, with 99,000 of those experiencing problems with the quality of their housing situation.

In partnership with The Home Depot Foundation, Habitat for Humanity International developed the Repair Corps program to offer critical home repairs to military veterans across the country. Through this program, Habitat Charlotte Region helps veteran and military-connected homeowners stay safely in their homes without health or safety concerns. This year, in the tenth cycle of our participation in the Repair Corps program, The Home Depot Foundation will make critical repairs possible for more veteran families like Melody Gentry’s.

Gentry Home

Melody is originally from Indiana and served in the Marine Corps from 1999-2016. She worked in Administration and achieved an E-6 ranking, making her a Staff Sergeant.

After several moves with the Marine Corps, she was eventually stationed in Charlotte, where she purchased her current home in 2010 (pictured).

She loves her neighborhood and is thankful to have plenty of space for her family including her six children, four of whom still live at home. However, after years of wear, her home needs major repairs and replacements.

Through the Repair Corps program, Habitat Charlotte Region’s Critical Home Repair team will repair plumbing leaks and subsequent damage, as well as replace the HVAC unit, water heater, and install new plumbing and electrical components. With these repairs, Melody and her family will be able to safely remain in the home they love.

After taking the opportunity to retire early from the Marine Corps, Melody now spends her time cooking, enjoying the outdoors, and caring for her children. With the gracious support of The Home Depot Foundation and the Repair Corps program, she can now enjoy her retirement in her home without worrying about the health, safety, or comfort of her family.

Thank you again to The Home Depot Foundation for making stories like Melody’s possible!

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