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June 16, 2023

Lapri’s Journey Home

By Alexa Johnson

Lapri and her teenage daughter, Baylie, share a one-bedroom apartment on the east side of Charlotte. They were forced to relocate and downsize to avoid the crime they encountered in their previous apartment. Lapri spends 43% of her income on rent and feared that she would be priced out of her residence. “As a single mom, the budget is tight, but thankfully, we have all of our necessities,” she said.

chasing the dream of homeownership

In September 2019, Lapri decided to pursue her dream of being a homeowner. Knowing that her financial situation could be a barrier, she signed up for Habitat Charlotte Region’s Money Matters financial literacy program.

Using the knowledge she gained in the course, she created an action plan to improve her personal finances. She later applied and was approved for the homeownership program. Lapri revealed, “Even though it was a long process to get accepted–I wouldn’t change a single thing.”

Worth the wait

After evaluating her options, Lapri decided it was worth waiting to live in the Meadows at Plato Price. “We will be inviting a lot of fresh experiences into our lives, but we are ready and excited to join a new community,” she expressed.

Lapri’s home will be one of the first completed in the Meadows at Plato Price development. Since choosing to build in this location, Lapri has been a champion for the new community. She has worked on her own house and others’ and built alongside partners, volunteers, and even the Mayor of Charlotte. Last October, she helped us announce the 2023 Carter Work Project returning to Charlotte along with CEO of Habitat for Humanity International, Jonathan Reckford. She drives by the neighborhood often to check on the progress, and will soon have the keys in hand to her new home.

For Lapri, affordable homeownership will provide safety, security, and financial stability. The new home will offer plenty of space for the family to enjoy, and Baylie will finally have her own room. Lapri can’t wait to decorate, spend evenings on her front porch, and truly make the home her own. She shared, “My life will change for the better because of everyone’s contribution to my family throughout this process.”

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