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May 10, 2021

30th Anniversary of Women Build Kicks Off

Habitat Charlotte Region kicked its 30th women-led home build on Friday, representing the start of Homeowner-in-Process Taneesha’s future Habitat home. On hand were several long-time Habitat Women Build volunteers including Brenda Suits, who has been volunteering on Women Build projects since the inception of Habitat Women Build right here in Charlotte thirty years ago.

Taneesha was four-years-old when she embarked on her first Habitat home journey with her mother. Based on that experience, she understands the importance of a stable home and what it represents for her family. Taneesha is excited to be only months away from the new home she will share with her husband and two boys.

Anna Davis, a Habitat Charlotte Region construction site supervisor, is leading this year’s Women Build project. She is a role model, and is proud to break stereotypes. “We don’t usually think of women building houses. To be able to point to a house and say ‘this whole thing was built by women,’ that’s a big deal.”

Local Charlotte-area media was on-site for the build, and you can see their coverage here:


Spectrum News

To learn more about Women Build and ways that you can get involved, visit the Women Build 30th Anniversary page:

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