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Carter Work Project Returns to Charlotte Region in 2023

Welcome Home Stories

Lapri & Baylie Call the Meadows at Plato Price Home

Lapri's Journey Home

The Carter Work Project is returning to Charlotte!

Habitat Charlotte Region is thrilled to host the 2023 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project! From October 1-6, 2023, volunteers from all over the world will come together here in Charlotte to build 27 new homes in our Meadows at Plato Price development.

This will mark the official return of the Carter Work Project after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic. We are honored to pick up the hammer from Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville, the host of the 2019 Carter Work Project. The Carter Work Project will not only accelerate the development of a lively new affordable housing community called The Meadows at Plato Price but will also help bring national awareness to the ever-growing need for affordable housing.

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carrying on a legacy

After 36 dedicated years building with Habitat around the globe, Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter have retired from public life at the ages of 98 and 95. The Carters have forged a path of home and hope, and now a new generation of Habitat humanitarians will carry the torch. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood will be continuing the Carters’ legacy as hosts of the 2023 Carter Work Project. Next year will mark Garth & Trisha’s 13th Carter Work Project and we look forward to welcoming them to our city.



media mentions

The latest media mentions and news segments from around the region highlight the 2023 Carter Work Project and Habitat Charlotte Region’s mission to address the affordable housing crisis.

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Charlotte Men Remember President Carter’s time building homes in Queen City.

QC News: February 20, 2023

Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region was selected as host of the 2023 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project hosted by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

WBTV: October 3, 2022

WSOC-TV: October 3, 2022

QC Life: October 3, 2022

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CWP 2023

press releases

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Four More Homes July 21, 2023

Wells Fargo Intern Event June 28, 2023

RFK Build Day April 17, 2023

WCNC Media Sponsor Coverage

Click any link below to view Habitat Charlotte Region media partner WCNC’s coverage of the build up to the 2023 Carter Work Project!

Habitat for Humanity building affordable housing in west Charlotte

WCNC – May 1, 2023

Habitat’s Carter Work Project hosts all-women construction build

WCNC – May 19, 2023

Carter Work Project building affordable housing development in Charlotte

WCNC – June 9, 2023

Charlotte's West Side

West Charlotte

Charlotte’s historic west side bears witness to a complex urban renewal history. Once a thriving African-American community in the early 20th century, renewal initiatives in the 1960s aimed to rejuvenate but led to displacement. While bringing modernization and public amenities, the process fractured the community and erased cultural landmarks. Displacement’s enduring impact prompted local activists to preserve stories and heritage. This serves as a reminder of the intricate interplay between progress and heritage, urging a delicate balance in future revitalization endeavors.

Affordable housing initiatives in Charlotte’s historic west side actively address the injustices of past urban renewal. By offering affordable housing options, these programs aim to counter displacement and foster inclusivity. They acknowledge the historical wrongs by enabling marginalized residents to remain in their neighborhoods, encouraging economic stability and community cohesion. Incorporating community input ensures developments resonate with the area’s character and needs, curbing gentrification and preserving cultural heritage. Through these efforts, the community seeks to heal social fractures caused by previous policies, promoting equity and a more just future while honoring the past struggles.

Past, Present & Future

In its 36-year history, the Carter Work Project has brought people together all over the world to build homes, communities, and hope. In 1987, Charlotte hosted the third ever Carter Work Project. Jimmy and Rosalynn worked alongside volunteers, Habitat staff, and future homeowners to build 14 new affordable homes in Optimist Park, creating a lasting impact in the Charlotte community. When the Carter Work Project returns to Charlotte in 2023, volunteers, staff, partners, and future homeowners will once again come together, this time to build at the Meadows at Plato Price.


The Meadows at Plato Price
Homes at New Pineola Road

Building Homes & Hope in West Charlotte

Construction is underway at the Meadows at Plato Price!

With the help of our Cornerstone Investors Ally Charitable Foundation, Merancas Foundation, Myers Park United Methodist Church, and the City of Charlotte, Habitat Charlotte Region’s new 39-home development will create opportunities for affordable homeownership in an area of Charlotte where the homeownership rate (26%) falls far below the county average (57%).

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many years of commitment

The Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project, which began in 1984, has had a profound impact on the world. This initiative, in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, has successfully facilitated rapid repairs and construction of homes across the globe. Former President Jimmy Carter, along with his wife Rosalynn Carter, and notable celebrity volunteers such as Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, have played a significant role in transforming the landscape of affordable housing. Moreover, their efforts have inspired tens of thousands of volunteers to join this noble cause. Over the years, this remarkable endeavor has left an indelible mark, demonstrating the potential for positive change when passionate individuals come together for a shared purpose.

Honoring a Storied Past

Named for the Plato Price school, the Meadows at Plato Price will sit in a historically significant area of west Charlotte. Plato Price School closed in the 1960s when desegregation took hold, and the land lay vacant until the City of Charlotte donated it to Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region in 2018. Soon, the Meadows at Plato Price will rise up as a thriving community within this historically African American neighborhood.

press contact

To contact our media team about content, materials, to set up interviews or register for press credentials during the week of the Carter Work Project, please don’t hesitate to contact